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Joint Master Degree in Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society
Applications Now Open - Deadline January 20, 2019

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News 13-12-2018

Elsevier Research Impact Leader Award fo…

We are very happy to announce that SWPS University was recognized for its contribution to the visibility of Polish science around the world with the Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award...

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News 09-01-2019

Winter Admissions

Are you thinking of studying in Poland? Do you need to improve your Polish or English language skills to qualify for university programs offered in these languages? Enroll in one...

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Psyche Space 01-01-2019

Work-Life Balance or Burden?

The more you work the more productive you are. It seems logical. If it takes X minutes to produce Y number of products then one should be able to produce...

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Management Space 12-12-2018

How to convince your boss

Leaders can be classified according to their decision making styles. Knowing the decision making style of your boss, helps you to use the best tactic, when you want to convince...

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News 27-11-2018

SWPS University Researchers Receive PLN 6.5M in Research Grants

Researchers from SWPS University have been awarded a total of PLN 6.5M in research grants from the National Research Center and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The awarded...

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News 26-11-2018

SWPS University Recognized in Regional Excellence Initiative Competition

We are happy to announce that SWPS University, as one of two non-public higher education institutions in Poland, has been granted close to PLN 12 million from the Ministry of...

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Research Projects 22-11-2018

Neuronal mechanisms of executive and emotion regulation deficits

Procrastination is a self-regulation failure in which people delay some actions despite knowing that their behavior will lead to discomfort. It is estimated to affect 15-20% of population. Procrastination leads...

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International Conferences


SWPS University

scientific potential

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Prof. Philip Zimbardo

about SWPS University

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Pre-suasion and Influence

conversation with Dr. R. Cialdini

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Why people are so morally divided by economic questions

prof. Jonathan Haidt lecture at SWPS University

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Learn, how to learn

Tony Buzan lecture at SWPS University

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Dr Z's 10 step program for becoming an everyday hero

prof. Philip Zimbardo lecture at SWPS University

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