Our 25th jubilee celebrations began in May 2021, however the biggest events are planned for the upcoming autumn. Over the upcoming months, we want to share with you how the university has been changing during the past 25 years, and how we have been building a community of people inspired by an idea of a modern education model. We are planning many celebratory events, including panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions, anniversary publications, and research seminars. “We, the University” is a motto that brings our community together. We want to share the values, which were ingrained in us by the University and which guide us in our daily lives.

Autumn 2021 at SWPS University – a variety of celebratory events

We began our 25th jubilee celebrations in May with a special seminar on the 90th birthday of the doyen of Polish psychology, Professor Jan Strelau, which we organized in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. The seminar was focused on the life and achievements of Professor Strelau.

For the upcoming fall, we are planning big academic events, including a conference to be organized by the Faculty of Law in Warsaw, titled “Hominum causa omne ius constitutum sit. Every law has been created for the sake of men” and a panel discussion on “Poetics of (non)everyday”, planned by the Institute of Humanities in Warsaw.

Other interesting cultural events, featuring art and design works created by the alumni of our School of Form have also been planned for the third and fourth quarter of 2021. While the University is celebrating its 25th jubilee, our Department of Graphic Design and School of Form mark their 10th anniversary of teaching and creating. To commemorate this event, a special travelling exhibition, “20(5) alumni projects for the 25th jubilee” will tour SWPS University campuses, starting in October and ending at the end of 2021. SWPS University values – openness, courage and responsibility – are the main theme of the exhibition.

At the same time, the SWPS University Choir has also prepared a special surprise, developed in collaboration with the Bastarda trio. In September, they will perform at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of the Polish National Radio, and will issue a special jubilee record. The record will include a selection of Polish songs related to various traditional rituals associated with changing of the seasons and folk customs.

Proud of our past

During the 25th jubilee celebrations, there will also be room for our undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. We will vote for the best “25th Jubilee Alumni”. Candidates for this prestigious title should excel in their professions in one of the five categories, such as research and teaching, arts and culture, society, business, and sport. They should also exemplify SWPS University values – openness, courage, and responsibility.

In October, we will launch an exhibition presenting distinguished individuals who have been associated with SWPS University over the years. Additionally, a lecture hall in our Warsaw campus will be named after Professor Jan Strelau. At the end of the year, we will organize an evening celebrating the history and the people of our University.

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About sustainable development and the role of universities in the contemporary world

Professor Roman Cieślak, Rector of SWPS University and Ewa Ger, Ph.D., Director General talk about the role of academic freedom and the university’s social responsibility and about creating a community that maintains and respects diversity of its members.