An anniversary is a perfect opportunity to remember some of the university's achievements. Special awards will be given to important members of our community, as well as to institutions and individuals who have had a particularly significant impact on the development of our university. The proceedings for granting a title or a distinction are conducted by the Honorary Titles Committee (Konwent Godności Honorowych) of SWPS University.
New medals have been designed to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of our University. The authors of the concept were a team of designers from the Department of Graphic Design (Katedra Grafiki) in Wrocław, and the medal itself was designed by Ms. Katarzyna Sowa.

Awarded posthumously in recognition of outstanding contribution to the university and its community

The "Non Omnis Moriar Medal"

A request to initiate proceedings for granting an award may be lodged by the rector, the university’s founder or the director general. Proceedings for granting an award may also be initiated by the committee on its own behalf, on condition that the rector grants preliminary consent. In the course of the proceedings, the committee must prepare a justification for granting the distinction. The medal is awarded by the senate upon request of the committee. The Senate's resolution to award the distinction is adopted by a 3/5 majority vote by secret ballot.

The Non Omnis Moriar Medal is presented, whenever possible, to the family or relatives of the person decorated.

medale non omnis

In recognition of outstanding contribution or many years of work for the benefit of SWPS University

"Medal of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities"

It is awarded to employees and associates of SWPS University or institutions in recognition of their contribution or long-standing service to SWPS University and its community, in particular to commemorate anniversaries and important events celebrated at the university. The distinction may be granted at the request of the rector, the founder of the university, the director general, the board, one of the deans, the head of an institute or the committee. The distinction is conferred by the rector by way of an order and after consultation with the committee.

medale non omnis

Creative concept

Symbolism 3 x 0

The medal consists of three circles symbolizing the values of the University:

  • openness,
  • courage,
  • responsibility.

The circles are intertwined emphasising the fact that the values are complementary - they form a unity, a community: We the University.

Two medals to commemorate two occasions - similar shape, different material and engraving. The anniversary medal is silver-plated, while the Non Omnis Moriar Medal is made of copper, electroplated and aged to resemble fine copper. The diameter of the medal is 85 mm and the length of the ribbon is 20 mm.

Design team

Designers from the Department of Graphic Design (Katedra Grafiki) in Wrocław

The concept was developed by a team of designers and experts from the Department of Graphic Design (Katedra Grafiki) at the Faculty of Law and Communication in the Wrocław campus of SWPS University.

The team consisted of the following members:

  • Mariusz Wszołek, Ph. D.
  • Krzysztof Moszczyński, Ph. D.
  • Ms. Katarzyna Sowa,
  • Mr. Mateusz Antczak,
  • Mr. Piotr Szewczyk,
  • Ms. Paulina Wozniak.

Author of the anniversary medal design

Ms. Katarzyna Sowa

 Katarzyna Sowa

Graphic designer, professionally active creative designer. Received her Master's degree in art history from the University of Wrocław. Conducts workshops for students of Graphic Design at SWPS University and students of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at Wrocław University on the history of typography, typesetting rules, multi-page publication design, book design and typefaces. Interested in typography and its correlation with the visual message and the way it’s received. Fascinated with the achievements of the Polish avant-garde, Interwar Modernism, the Swiss Design and experiments of the Postmodernists.

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Anniversary statuettes

To commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of SWPS University, special distinctions and statuettes have been designed which the Rector of SWPS University will award to exceptional members of our community.