We are pleased to announce that a new music album, featuring the Bastarda trio and the SWPS University Choir, conducted by Ewa Mackiewicz, has been recently published. The album is a musical journey, exploring traditions, customs, and rituals related to the seasons and the cycle of nature. The record, titled “Kołowrót” (Wheel and Axel), is a celebration of the 25th Jubilee of SWPS University and the 20th Jubilee of SWPS University Choir. It has been published in collaboration with the Pro Akademika Foundation.

Musical journey exploring tradition

Drawing on folk music and the Medieval tradition, the members of the Bastarda trio have written original compositions, which have achieved a deeper narrative dimension during the collaboration with the SWPS University Choir. They turned into musical stories about fundamental transformations not only in nature, but also in culture and related traditions. Thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Radio, the Polish Radio Center for Folk Culture, Magda Tejchma, Remek Hanaj, the “Księżyc” band, and a musicologist Antonio Chemotti, our musicians were able to access hugely inspiring sources that ignited their creativity.

25th jubilee kolowrot album2

The Bastarda trio was established by Paweł Szamburski (clarinet), Michał Górczyński (contrabass clarinet), Tomasz Pokrzywiński (cello). The conductor of SWPS University Choir is Ewa Mackiewicz.

The “Kołowrót” (Wheel and Axel) album is available online at:

Free download of the album is available on the Bandkamp platform, just follow the link », and enter a promotional code: q27q-6mmh.

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SWPS University Choir
SWPS University Choir

SWPS University Choir was established in 2001. Since then, it has been regularly performing in Poland and abroad.


SWPS University Choir
A musical memenot for the 25th jubilee of SWPS University

We are excited to share the news that SWPS University Choir will soon present a new album, “Kołowrót” (Wheel and Axle), developed in collaboration with the Bastarda trio.