Sport is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity improves fitness and overall wellbeing. The role of coaches and athletes, who promote active living and various sport disciplines, cannot be overstated. On the other hand, sport psychologists provide invaluable service to professional athletes who face enormous pressures and mental challenges, and help them win tournaments and championships. This service is also important to every sports fan who roots for their favorite athlete or a team. We are extremely happy that we can count renowned sport psychologists and athletes among our alumni, because they not only promote healthy lifestyle, but show that hard work, perseverance and focus on a goal are important in every area of life.

Best in the Sport Category

The Chancellery of the 25th Jubilee Alumni prize has selected the following graduates of SWPS University in the Sport Category:

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Daria Abramowicz

Daria Abramowicz

is a sport psychologist. For many years, she has been working with athletes, coaches, sport and business organizations, and parents of athletes of all ages who compete in individual and team sports. She claims that “the road to becoming a champion begins in one’s mind”. Daria herself competed in sailing championships for 12 years and has been working as a coach for a decade. Thanks to this varied experience, she understands different points of view, those of an athlete, a coach, and a psychologist. As a sports psychologist, she worked with the national cycling and swimming teams. For the past two years, she has been providing mental performance coaching to Iga Świątek, a Polish tennis player, winner of the French Open 2020 tournament. In June 2020, she was named Female Coach of the Year by the Women’s Sport Commission of the Polish Olympic Committee. She shares her knowledge, experience and emotions on her blog and through podcasts.

Krystian Kisiel

Krystian Kisiel

graduated from SWPS University in 2020, with an excellent track record. During his studies, Krystian became known as a smart, thoughtful, and engaged individual. He successfully combined his university studies with showdown, a sport for visually impaired individuals, which is akin to air hockey or table tennis. Krystian won numerous gold and silver medals in this discipline in national, European and World championships. He actively supports other visually impaired persons through his work at the Prowadnica Foundation.

Kamil Radomski

graduated from SWPS University in 2011. During his studies, he was heavily engaged in the community and research initiatives organized by his Faculty. In his career, Kamil has combined his passion for sports and positive psychology. For many years, he has been working with children and youth, promoting physical activity, and applying research-based psychological practices to build motivation and engagement. He collaborates with coaches and athletes engaged in various individual and team disciplines. He is an active member of Fundacja Sportu Pozytywnego (Positive Sport Foundation). He has also developed the “i7W” model for athletes’ development, which focuses on improving coaching competencies. As a lecturer at SWPS University’s Center for Professional Education, he teaches classes in two graduate certification programs, including “Psychologia w sporcie pozytywnym” (Psychology in positive sport) and “Psychologia sportu dzieci i młodzieży” (Psychology of children and youth sports). As a keen volunteer, he often participates in charity events that benefit his local community.

Piotr Wójcik

Piotr Wójcik

At SWPS University, Piotr has been known for many years as an organizer of student sports. However, his three university diplomas, in psychology, law, and environmental science, have provided him with competencies that go far beyond the academia. Piotr has also proven himself as an effective coordinator and manager in the environmental protection industry. The root of his many organizational successes lies in his strong motivation for personal development. Thanks to continuous learning and acquiring new competencies, Piotr continues to successfully take on different professional roles.

Katarzyna Selwant

Katarzyna Selwant

graduated from SWPS University with a diploma in Psychology, in 2003. She wears many professional hats, such as a sports psychologist, university lecturer, trainer, sports commentator, and a motivational speaker. She is also a three-time national curling champion. She authored and co-authored several books on motivation and perseverance, and numerous publications on sports psychology, motivation and success. As an expert on sports psychology, she often appears in the Polish media, both television and radio. During the 2012 London Olympics, she provided psychological support for the Polish Olympic team. She also coached athletes preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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Distinguished Alumni Selection Criteria

Standing of a university is measured by people who create it. SWPS University’s alumni are a key pillar of our institution. Our 25th Jubilee is a fitting occasion to distinguish a group of 25 acclaimed graduates of our university, as they are the reason why we grow, share our achievements with the world, dream and strive to reach new goals.

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