Standing of a university is measured by people who create it. SWPS University’s alumni are a key pillar of our institution. Our 25th Jubilee is a fitting occasion to distinguish a group of 25 acclaimed graduates of our university, as they are the reason why we grow, share our achievements with the world, dream and strive to reach new goals.

Distinguished Alumni Selection Criteria

Selecting distinguished alumni of SWPS University was not an easy task. To make the right choice, we engaged the whole community of our university. All faculties and employees of other organizational units, including the administrative division, were asked to submit names of suitable candidates.

All nominations were reviewed by the Chancellery, comprising:

  • representatives of the academic division: Mikołaj Cześnik, Associate Professor and Konrad Maj, Assistant Professor
  • representatives of the administrative division: Rafał Sławski, Vice-Director of Marketing and Olga Kożuchowska, Director of the Office of Career Services
  • representatives of the student community: Julia Bahłaj, Kinga Jałkiewicz, and Zuzanna Pacześniak.

While selecting the finalists, the Chancellery followed the criteria related to the three value of SWPS University: openness, courage, and responsibility.

Reviewing biographies of our graduates, the jury highly scored the following achievements:

  • successes achieved in the alumni’s professional field
  • popularization of the field and active engagement in education and development of the discipline
  • introduction of innovative solutions and/or implementation of innovations
  • volunteering and working for the good of minority groups
  • openness towards working with SWPS University.

The Chancellery selected 25th Jubilee Alumni in five categories, deemed important for the development and life satisfaction of human beings, including:

  • Research and Teaching
  • Culture – Art – Media
  • Society
  • Sport
  • Business.

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25th jubilee alumni research and teaching
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Research and Teaching

Teaching and research lie at the core of any university. Academic teachers impact the standing of a university, but most importantly, they are crucial not only in conveying certain knowledge, but in igniting curiosity, motivation, and thirst for knowledge in subsequent generations of students.

25th jubilee alumni business
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Business

Business significantly impacts the structure of societies and the way people live. Our alumni recognized in this category have been very successful in developing new products, tools and services that improve lives.

25th jubilee alumni society
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Society

Activism, volunteering and initiatives undertaken to improve wellbeing of communities are some of predictors of happiness. Solving particular social problems or meeting social needs translate into social influence.

25th jubilee alumni sport
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Sport

Sport is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity improves fitness and overall wellbeing. The role of coaches and athletes, who promote active living and various sport disciplines, cannot be overstated.

25th jubilee alumni business culture art media
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Culture – Art – Media

Art, culture and media are significant elements of a full and happy life. They ensure cultural continuity of nations, are carriers of history, values and identity.