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Program Erasmus+

Study Abroad - Program Erasmus+

Thanks to the Erasmus+ program our students have an opportunity to study around the world. SWPS University has signed close to 90 exchange agreements with numerous higher education institutions, including many EU countries, Great Britain, Island, Israel, Norway, and Turkey.

The Erasmus+ program allows students to complete part of their studies abroad. It is a great opportunity to practice language skills, expand one’s horizons, meet people from different cultures and gain new experience.

Erasmus+ Partner Universities for 2019/2020


Who is eligible for the Erasmus+ Exchange Program?

All students, who are enrolled in full-time degree programs at SWPS University, regardless of their country of origin and the citizenship they hold, are eligible for participation in the Erasmus+ Mobility Program. Students may apply for the Erasmus scholarship during their second year of studies, after a successful completion of the first year. The Erasmus exchange takes place during the third year of studies.


Internships Abroad ̶ Program Erasmus+

Erasmus+ program enables universities to organize internships in many European countries. Students who secure internships in companies or research centers abroad increase their employment potential. During internships abroad, students gains knowledge, practical experience and language skills in an international environment.


Who is eligible for the Erasmus+ Internship Program?

The internship program is open to full-time and part-time undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The internship term may last from 2 to 12 months. The best time to complete an internship is during summer, so it does not interfere with the regular study program. Students may also complete internships at a different time, providing they receive an approval from the director of their institute.

Study in the USA

Study in the United States

Students of SWPS University have an opportunity to complete part of their studies at one of our partner universities in the United States, such as Detroit Mercy University. Thanks to the cooperation agreement between our universities, students from SWPS University can take advantage of preferential tuition rates and in some cases, may be completely exempt from the tuition fee at the partner institutions.

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Who is eligible for this program?

Students who wish to complete part of their studies in the United States must be fluent in English. Those who need to improve their language competencies before undertaking studies in the US, may enroll in language courses at SWPS University . All students may apply to complete part of their studies in the United States, providing they obtain the approval of the head of their program. Apart from fluent English, a high Grade Point Average is required to be accepted into this program.

Courses offered by Detroit Mercy University:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Decision Sciences
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sports Management

Study in South Korea

Study in South Korea

Students of SWPS University may opt to spend one semester in South Korea. Studying abroad provides a great opportunity to practice language skills, learn about new cultures and a chance for international networking.

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Cooperation with universities in Seoul:

SWPS University cooperates with Sungshin Univeristy and Konkuk University in Seoul. A broad range of subjects offered by the Korean universities supplements the knowledge gained at SWPS University. Depending on their interests, students can choose classes from various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, teaching English as a second language, Korean studies, business and industrial design.

Study in China

Learn Chinese in Beijing

Our students have an opportunity to learn Chinese, during a semester abroad, in one of the largest and quickly developing cities in the People's Republic of China, such as Beijing, Tianjin and Chongqing.


Collaboration with the leading universities in China

SWPS University collaborates with the Capital Normal University in Beijing, Chongqing University of Technology, and Tianjin Normal University. The Chinese language teaching program at these universities is mainly addressed to students of Asian studies, however, all SWPS University students may apply for this exchange program, regardless of their major.



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