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Andrzej Blikle


Biographical note

Professor in mathematics and computer science at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Science. In the years 1962-1990 researcher and university teacher in Poland, Canada, USA, Denmark, and Sweden. Founding member, a past president and an honorary member of the Polish Information Processing Society. Member of Academia Europaea and of ca. 30 other organizations. In the years 1990-2010 president and CEO of A.Blikle Ltd, a family firm (luxury pastry shops) that has been opened in Warsaw since 1869. In that time the company grew from one shop to 11 shops and three cafe-restaurants in Warsaw and nine shops (franchise) in the major cities of Poland. Currently a member of the Supervisory Board of Blikle Ltd. Since 2008 runs his one-person consultancy firm specialized in teaching (also MBA courses) and implementations of Total Quality Management and lately also teal self-organization in the sense of F. Laloux.