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Adam Kowalik

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences in Warsaw
Department of Management


Business adviser, coach, manager, and analyst. He specializes in developing competitive advantage strategies, market intelligence, strategy wargames, and knowledge management. He worked for the management of dozens of the largest Polish companies from various industries, and carried out orders for public administration units.

He shares his knowledge during practical training and workshops, conducts courses at the MBA studies, and creates development programs for managers (executive education). Through the application of the so called „active learning” method he encourages class participants to think critically.

Founder of the Polish branch of the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals association, and its chairman until 2015. For his voluntary contribution for the development of business intelligence in Poland, he received the Catalyst Award. He is a mentor in the Top Minds and Youth Business Poland programs, and works as an independent expert with NCBR, PARP, and MIR.

OUTSMART, a company which he runs, provides clients with independent analysis and valuable market knowledge for key decisions. Previously he worked, among others, for EY and Plus GSM.

He received master's degree and then doctor's degree from Warsaw School of Economics. He is a CEMS and Fulbright scholarship holder and has a detective license.

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