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BIO Adam Szpaderski


Adam Szpaderski

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Social Sciences
Head of the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites
Faculty of Social Sciences in Warsaw
Department of Management


His research interests include the essence and the nature of leadership and management, including business management, and the methodology of management studies. Author of the praxeological concept of management based on reciprocity, sources of power, and managerial functions. Additionally, he proposed the concept of management integration and solution for solving the problem of theoretical fragmentation in management studies.

His current work focuses on the economics of memorial sites. In collaboration with national institutions, directors, fundraisers, donors, and curators, he is creating a scientific doctrine of the economics of memorial sites, which will provide a set of best practices and measures of effectiveness, related to the economic, financial and management aspects of the development, preservation, commemoration and functioning of memorial sites. This work involves research and promotion of the standards of management and commemoration of memorial sites developed in Poland according to the recommendations of the Wannsee Memorandum.

From 2014 to 2016, Professor Szpaderski was the Leading Investigator of the research project focused on the Conditions for Imparting Dynamism to Innovation in the Polish Industrial Enterprises (funded by a grant from the National Science Centre). He is Editor in Chief of Journal of Leadership and Management and President of Institute of Management and Leadership.

Professor Szpaderski is the Head of the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites and the Secretary of the Program Committee of the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites at SWPS University.

Professor Szpaderski has received numerous awards, including the Chairman’s Award of Freedom for an outstanding monograph, granted by Freedom Focused – The Center for Self-Action Leadership (USA) and the President’s Award for Research, granted by the Praxis Foundation.

At SWPS University, he teaches courses on Advanced Business Development, Leadership and Communication, and Resolving Conflicts and Disputes.