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BIO Agata Gasiorowska


Agata Gąsiorowska

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Vice-Director of the Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław
Dean's Representative for Research and Development
Department of Economic Psychology



Psychologist. She specializes in Economic Psychology. She studies various aspects of consumer behavior, including the psychological value of money and impulse buying. Her research interests include usage of money, other than currency for purchasing goods and services, and the influence of money on human behavior. She also studies individual differences in attitudes towards money.

Author of a book entitled Psychologiczne znaczenie pieniędzy (Psychological meaning of money) (2014) and of numerous articles published in national and international journals. As a member of an international team, including researchers from SWPS University in Wrocław, University of Illinois in Chicago, and the University of Minnesota, she studied psychological meaning of money and influence of money on children 3-6 years of age. She is a Principal Investigator in a research project "The Symbolic Meaning of Money and Control. Research on Money as a Psychological Resource Used in Self-Regulation", financed by the National Science Centre.

At the Wrocław Faculty of Psychology she teaches psychology of money, methodology of psychological research, and design of psychological tests.