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BIO Aleksandra Cislak Wojcik


Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Vice-Rector for Research
Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Social Psychology


Psychologist. Her research centers on social hierarchy, including the effects of having power over others and being subjected to power held by others, as well as the intersection of power and gender. She studies how the topic of gender bias is represented in scientific, political and everyday discourse. In her research, she uses a range of methods including experimental, survey and observational studies involving language corpora. Her current project focuses on the modes of social identification and intragroup effects across a broad range of group contexts, including national groups, teams, political parties, and business organizations.

She is Head of the Center for Research on Social Relations, Co-Director of post-graduate program in Creative Leadership at SWPS University, and and Vice President of the Polish Association of Social Psychology.

She is a recipient of numerous scholarships and grants, including a Start scholarship provided by the Foundation for Polish Science, a scholarship granted by Polityka, a Polish weekly opinion magazine, and a grant for outstanding young researchers, provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Furthermore, she received research grants from the National Science Centre for the following studies: “In charge or in control? Short- and long-term effect of personal control and control over others” and “Is strong group identification always beneficial for the group?”

She is a winner of the Robert Zajonc Award, granted by the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS).

At SWPS University, she teaches social psychology and political psychology.

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