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BIO Aleksandra Niemyjska


Aleksandra Niemyjska

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Psychology
Social Behavior Research Center
Center of Research on Cognition and Behavior
Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology


Psychologist. She researches constructive brain capabilities in a cultural (folklore, fairytales, mythologies) and individual (fantasy-based coping strategies) perspective. She is also interested in many phenomena, such as anthropomorphism, magical thinking, fantasy prone personality as well as mechanisms of kindness towards animals, including caring about the wellbeing of farm animals or vegetarianism.

She was a Principal Investigator on the following research projects: “Cognitive and motivational determinants of sympathetic magic in close relationships” (2015-2017), and “The individualization of animals and its effect on instrumental use of animals in adults and children” (2019-2022). As a researcher, she also participated in the following project: “Deprivation of control and (inter)group relations and political cognition” (2015-2018).

At SWPS University she teaches courses in personality psychology, psychology of individual differences, and psychology of spirituality and religion.

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