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BIO Andrzej Falkowski


Andrzej Falkowski



Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Business and Economic Psychology


Business psychologist. He specializes in marketing and advertising psychology and researches consumer behavior in the context of marketing strategies with respect to cognitive and motivational perception of advertising and brand loyalty. Additionally, he specializes in political marketing, politicians’ image building, and psychographic segmentation of electoral market.

He collaborates with various law firms on trade mark infringement cases, for numerous clients, such as Maspex, Hortex, Reckitt Benckiser, E. Wedel, Fakro, FSO, BP, Polkomtel SA, Polmos SA, Bakoma, and Broker FM.

He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Michigan.

From 2011 to 2014 he was a member of the Committee for Education Policy by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He has collaborated with many research centers around the world, including: the University of Michigan, Lumiere University in Lyon, the Centre for Human Communication of Manchester Metropolitan University, East London University, and the University of Florida.

He is a member of the International Society for Ecological Psychology and the Association for Consumer Research. He received numerous awards, including the Minister of Education’s (1996) and the Minister of Science and Higher Education’s (2009) awards.

He is an author and co-author of many articles on cognitive and applied psychology in consumer, market and electoral behavior, which appeared in the following publlications: American Journal of Psychology, Media Psychology, Journal of Political Marketing, Journalism Studies, Advances in Consumer Research, Marketing Letters, Frontiers in Psychology, and European Journal of Marketing.

He is also an author and co-author of chapters in the following books: Television and Politics in Evolving European Democracies (Nova Science), The Sage Handbook of Political Advertising (ed. L.L. Kaid and C. Holtz-Bacha; Sage), Routledge Handbook of Political Management (ed. D.W. Johnson: Routledge), Praktyczna psychologia poznawcza: Marketing i reklama [Practical cognitive psychology: Marketing and advertising] (GWP), Psychologia zachowań konsumenckich [Psychology of consumer behavior] (GWP), Marketing polityczny: Perspektywa psychologiczna [Political marketing: Psychological approach] (GWP), Psychologia poznawcza w praktyce: Ekonomia, biznes, polityka [Cognitive psychology in practice: Economy, business, politics] (PWN), A Cross-Cultural Theory of Voter Behavior (Haworth Press/ Francis, and Taylor Group), Political Marketing: Theoretical and Strategic Foundations (M.E. Sharpe).

He is one of the editors of the Handbook of Political Marketing (Sage), and he co-edits the Journal of Political Marketing.

At SWPS University, he teaches marketing psychology and psychology of consumer behavior.

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