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BIO anna warso


Anna Warso

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Department of English Studies


She has published mainly about 20th century American poetry and prose but her research interests include also selected theoretical aspects of popular culture and science fiction. She is interested in the spaces of encounter: textual, cultural and disciplinary. Her doctoral dissertation focused on melancholia, theatricality and the figurations of loss in John Berryman's The Dream Songs. In 2017, she co-edited two essay collections: Culture(s) and Authenticity: The Politics of Translation and the Poetics of Imitation and Interpreting Authenticity: Translation and Its Others (Peter Lang). As a translator, she has worked, among others, with Literatura na Świecie and Second Texts.

At SWPS University she teaches classes in American literature and workshops in translation, recently also a course focusing on the category of monstrosity and its ideological-cultural determinants.