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BIO Dariusz Dolinski


Dariusz Doliński



Coordinator for University Development
Institute of Psychology

Faculty of Psycholog in Wrocław
Head of the Department of Social Psycholog


A prominent Polish social psychologist. He specializes in social behavioral psychology, psychology of emotions and motivation. In his research, he analyses techniques of social influence, mechanisms of surrendering to external pressure, and social manipulation. He is also interested in psychological aspects of advertising and marketing. Principal investigator of numerous research projects. Author of many theories in the field of social psychology, especially on consumer behavior and validation of influencing techniques.

Editor in Chief of Polish Psychological Bulletin. Author of numerous publications in academic journals, including: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and European Journal of Social Psychology. Author and co-author of close to 200 publications, including: Psychologia wpływu społecznego [Psychology of Social Influence] (2000), Psychologiczne mechanizmy reklamy [Psychological Mechanisms of Advertising] (2003), Ukryte sensy zachowania: rozmowy o wywieraniu wpływu i reklamie [The Hidden Meaning of Human Behavior: Conversations About Influence and Advertising] (2006), Manipulacja [Manipulation] (2009), and Techniques of Social Influence: The Psychology of Gaining Compliance (2016).

Member-correspondent of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), member of the Committee for Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and President of the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS).

At SWPS University, he teaches social psychology and psychology of advertising.