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BIO Domin Blachnicka-Ciacek


Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Social Sciences
Youth Research Center


She is a visual sociologist (PhD 2016, Goldsmiths, University of London) with an interest in researching relationships between people, spaces and memory in migration and forced migration contexts, with a regional focus on migrants and refugees in the Middle East and Europe. Her research to date has been focused on understanding the ways, in which migration is felt, sensed and represented, and how forms of life are shaped and reshaped, through the practice of mobility.

She also studies affect, memory and migration. Through empirical depth and conceptual innovation, her research examines how (forced) mobility informs memories and affective connections with ancestral homelands, as well as processes of settlement and resettlement. She is the Head of the Polish team in a Horizon 2020 project “Empowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions (MIMY)”.

Her research on inclusion of migrant and refugee communities in urban space explores how public spaces can support conviviality and integration in super-diverse and/or post-conflict urban environments, especially with regard to migrant and refugee communities. She worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher on a #refugees welcome in parks project at the University of Sheffiled.

She is also interested in responses to the climate change crisis. She examines mobility in the context of global challenges, such as climate crisis and environmental justice. She is a Principal Investigator in a research project “Young Poles and Climate Change: Emotions, Attitudes and Practices”, funded by SWPS University, which examines responses to the climate crisis among young Poles, including young climate activists http://youth.swps.pl/klimat/. She is a lead on another study that explores new forms of collectivity in relation to the environmental crisis.

Dominika has a longstanding commitment to methodological innovation, and in particular, to developing application of multisensory methods, which could support engagement with everyday lives of migrants and refugees, in a way that is inclusive for research participants, engages the public, and creates lasting dialogues and collaborations.

She published several articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals, such as Emotion, Space and Society, Geoforum, and Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies. She has also written book chapters, reports, and opinion pieces on topics related to her research.