SWPS University is committed to igniting and accelerating the spirit of changemaking in our students and staff. As the first university in Poland, we have joined Ashoka’s #MillionsofChangemakers campaign aimed at effecting positive change in the world.


Since its inception 23 years ago, SWPS University has been fostering and nurturing the idea of social engagement of its faculty and students not only on the local, but also on the national scale. Rooted in the idea of human-innovation, we aim to be a conduit between the world of science and the community, which includes business partners, representatives of arts and culture, and social organizations. Through initiatives developed internally or in collaboration with our partners, we constantly strive to improve the lives and meet the needs of people in tour community, whether they be young adults entering the labor market, underprivileged persons in need of free legal advice provided by Student Legal Services, or local entrepreneurs and artisans running their small businesses in the Praga District of Warsaw where the University is located.



We believe in ‘education beyond classroom’ that prepares students for success in the constantly changing world. We understand our duty as shaping young people to become responsible citizens and members of the society, by guiding them towards social impact goals. We support the principles of ownership and responsibility by teaching our students to take initiative in their own hands if they want to make positive changes in the world. We are happy to see that many of our students are actively engaged in student organizations, such as ENACTUS, International Integration Group and University Research Clubs that organize numerous events and activities reaching out to address social issues and effect positive change. Additionally, in collaboration with Ashoka, our Department of Management is committed to fostering a changemaking mindset and social entrepreneurship of our students through its study program.

social and buiness partnerships

Social and business

SWPS University builds commercial partnerships with a variety of business partners and organizations. Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach we are able to offer science-based solutions in many areas, including business, education, healthcare and our community. Our Center for Innovation is one of SWPS University’s hubs spearheading positive change by applying science to develop solutions to real life problems. The Center is a place where representatives of the business community, local government and NGOs can meet with scientists and students to work together on projects focused on social issues or business improvements.

Knowledge sharing

SWPS University is committed to education beyond our campuses and to sharing knowledge with the global community. We organize numerous open lectures and workshops on different topics, including psychology, culture, management and design. We are present on all major online platforms to enable anyone, no matter the place, time or financial means, to learn from our experts, for example:

  • SWPS University is the first, and so far the only, university in Poland to provide lectures on Poland’s leading podcast platform, Lecton (formerly Audioteka.pl). Our content is among the top 5 most popular materials downloaded by users. More information »
  • We are also the first university in the world to introduce educational content on Spotify, where we rank among top 10 most popular podcast providers in Polish, superseding BBC, HBO, Polish mass media such as RMF and TOK FM radio stations, Onet online news platform, and even TEDx. More information »
  • Our YouTube channel contains over 300 videos and audios of lectures on a variety of topics, delivered by renowned experts in their respective fields, which have been viewed over 7 million times. More information »
  • Through dedicated channels, such as Strefa Psyche (Psyche Space), Strefa Zarządzania (Management Space), Strefa Designu (Design Space), Strefa Kultur (Culture Space)Strefa Prawa (Law Space), and Strefa Kultur (Culture Space) we offer a breadth and depth of knowledge on a diverse range of issues, in the form of professional articles written by our experts.
  • Our initiative Uniwersytet SWPS dla Młodzieży (SWPS University for Youth) is addressed to high school students, teachers and parents. Through a series of meetings, lectures and workshops we provide psychological expertise related to youth development, parenting, relationships as well as practical skills, such as effective learning or time and stress management. More information »
  • To ensure that all young people in Poland have access to psychological resources and knowledge provided through our SWPS University for Youth initiative, we have developed, in collaboration with Grupa Abstra, a dedicated YouTube channel, zRozum (Understand), which addresses issues significant to adolescents, in a format attractive and interesting to this age group. More information »
  • We also share our knowledge through lectures, workshops and discussions, at major festivals and events in Poland, such as Warsaw Science Festival, Pol’and’Rock Festival, or Gdynia Design Days.

Sharing knowledge on

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