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There are numerous student organizations at SWPS University, including five Student Governments that are active at all campuses of the University.


STUDENT GovernmentS

Student Governments are statutory organizations, which represent student interests at the Faculty Council meetings and University Senate sessions. The governments also serve as links between students and various administrative offices of the University. Additionally, they support student initiatives and help to organize educational, entertainment, and charitable events.

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SWPS University Choir was established in 2001. Since then, it has been regularly performing in Poland and abroad. The Choir’s repertoire includes close to 150 musical pieces of different musical styles and genres. The Choir sings in a variety of languages, including Polish, English, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Latin and the Old Church Slavonic language.

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WAW KN studia azjatyckie


The Asian Studies Research Club has been active since 2008. It is a place where students broaden their knowledge about Asian culture, including Asian pop-culture, business, local and global economy, political changes in the Asia-Pacific region as well as Asian religion, cuisine and traditions.

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SWPS University women's volleyball team is a part of Akademicki Związek Sportowy (AZS), the Polish Academic Sports Association. Members of the team are not only women who have been training volleyball since their early years, but also women who set their first steps on the volleyball court while studying. The team welcomes anyone who loves volleyball, has the will and the determination to grow. Piort Wójcik, graduate of law at SWPS University, manages the team, and Paweł Makosz will coach the team during the next season.

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Causa Publica Research Club was established in 2015 by students of the Warsaw Faculty of Law. The club members meet to expand their knowledge and discuss various aspects of public, constitutional and administrative law.

Contact: kolocausapublica@gmail.com

Comparative Law Studies Research Club

The Comparative Law Studies Research Club was established by students of the Warsaw Faculty of Law, in 2016. The students study and analyze differences and similarities of various legal systems and areas of law, around the world.

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WAW kn crimen imperfecta

Crimen Imperfecta Research Club

Crimen Impefecta is a Latin phrase meaning “imperfect crime”. Members of the Research Club aim to broaden their knowledge in the area of criminal law, criminalistics, and criminology. During the club meetings, students analyze and discuss a variety of issues, including behavioral patterns of serial killers, different penitentiary systems, terrorist organizations, terrorist attacks, and crime scene investigation procedures (CSI).

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My i Oni


The Cross-Cultural Research Club was established by students of Warsaw Faculty of Psychology, in 2012. The aim of the club is to conduct research among members of the Warsaw multicultural community, organize cross-cultural events and workshops promoting integration.

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CUDO Group

Cudo Group, established in 2015, is a student voluntary organization, which promotes social responsibility. Members of the group organize charitable events, such as collection of goods and funds for children’s homes and animal shelters. They also coordinate many student events that help international students to integrate and feel at home at SWPS University, including Science Nights, Holiday workshops, board game evenings, etc. The Group is open to all students who wish to organize an event, have an idea for an event or would like to contribute to student life at SWPS University.

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enactus I miejsce 2000 1316


Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. Currently, there are over 1,700 member universities in 36 countries with 69,000 students and over 1,177,000 beneficiaries of the program. The SWPS chapter helps the local community in the implementation of business projects, which improve social, ecological and economic conditions in the area. Assistant Professor Konrad Maj, Ph.D. oversees the activities of the group.

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english OSIA

English Studies Student Organsation (OSKA)

OSKA was established by students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Warsaw. It organizes a variety of workshops for students of English Studies and provides an opportunity for students to polish their translation and teaching English skills.

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Italian Studies Research Club

The Italian Studies Research Club is open to all enthusiasts of Italian language and culture. The Club is led by Assistant Professor Kamila Miłkowska-Samul, Ph.D.

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WAW KN kinematograf


The Film Research Club was established in 2008. The club members include undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students as well as SWPS University academics, and graduates, who are interested in the theory, history and cultural aspects of film and in developing practical skills related to organizing film-related events.

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Methodology of Psychological Assessment Research Club

Members of the Research Club acquire knowledge and develop their skills in the area of unstructured methods of psychological assessment, especially psychological interviews. They practice applying theoretical knowledge from various areas of psychology, such as clinical, personality, communication, and cross-cultural psychology, in interviewing methods.


Mindfulness is considered to be a part of the third wave in cognitive behavioral therapy. According to scientific research, mindfulness results in an improved psychological wellbeing. The members of the Club learn how to reduce stress through meditation. They also promote mindfulness, i.e. active attention on the present, as a method of dealing with life challenges.

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MyGender Research Club includes students of interdisciplinary cultural studies, who are interested in post-colonialism, migration, disability research, queer studies and animal studies as well as psychology. Some of the goals of the group include promotion and protection of human rights and civic liberties and activities supporting the development of democracy; prevention of discrimination based on nationality, race, age, psychosexual identity, economic factors, religion and beliefs; and providing a forum for knowledge and experience exchange.
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The Neuroscience Research Club was established by students of Warsaw Faculty of Psychology, in 2005. Since then, it has attracted a lot of students interested in cognitive neuroscience, who are eager to discuss research findings and most current information from this field of science. Students actively participate in the annual Warsaw Science Festival, during which they stage a very popular event for the promotion of neuroscience, called Brain Day.

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Oculography Research Club

The members of the Oculography Research Club focus on developing their skills in the field of oculography and practical application of psychophysiological methods for basic and applied research, in the fields of cognitive, social, media and business psychology as well as design and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology Research Club

The Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology Research Club (KNPP) was established to bridge the gap between the growing interest of students in psychiatry and psychopharmacology and the curriculum offered by psychology programs.

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Psychologist in Business Research Club

Members of the Psychology in Business Research Club focus on extending their knowledge in the discipline of psychology and on practical applications of psychology in business. The club also provides a space for the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice between students, business psychologists and business professionals..
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Members of the club organize events that present the main principles of psychotherapy schools and methodologies. Students have an opportunity to learn from psychotherapy professionals, who practice on daily basis and can share their knowledge and experience of working with clients.

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SANITAS - Clinical Psychology Research Club

Sanitas was established in 2008 at the Institute of Clinical Psychology in Warsaw. The members of the Research Club share their experience and best practice in the fields of clinical psychology, mental and physical health as well as ethical treatment of people with mental and physical health problems.

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The Scandinavian Studies Research Club (KNS) was established by students of the Department of Scandinavian Studies in Warsaw. Members of the Club are interested in various topics including Scandinavian language, culture and travel in the region. They also aim to develop working relationships with various organizations in Poland and abroad to enable exchange of ideas and to support student research projects.

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Sport Psychology Research Club was established in 2005. The members of the club expand their knowledge in the area of sport psychology and other disciplines related to physical activity. During meetings students present selected psychological theories and share their research results. The Club organizes open meetings with renowned athletes and sport psychologists.

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WAW KN statystyka


The Statistics Research Club (PKS), established by students of the Warsaw Faculty of Psychology in 2013, focuses on developing statistics and research methodology competencies required in psychological research. The topics covered by the club members go beyond the statistics curriculum of the program of study and include regression, modelling and trend models. Students also share knowledge and best practice on research techniques and methods of data analysis.

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research club

SWPS University’s Research Club

The goal of SWPS University’s Research Club is to initiate research projects. The club enables students to develop and conduct their own research projects. It is a place where all students may share their own science perspective, implement it, design their own research projects, and participate in the projects of other club members. The goal is to broaden students’ knowledge and support them in acquiring practical skills indispensable in conducting research projects. Club Supervisor: Beata Szramak-Pawlak, Ph.D..