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The Psychologist in Business Research Club was established at SWPS University’s Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw in 2016. Members of the Club are interested in business psychology and marketing, and they work towards developing their human resources management skills.

What is business psychology?

Business psychology is a fast growing sub-discipline of psychology. It comprises knowledge on organizational behavior, market research, psychology of saving and investing, marketing psychology and consumer behavior.

Objectives of the Club

  • To expand knowledge and develop practical skills in the area of business psychology
  • To develop projects and activities in the area of business psychology
  • To participate in business conferences and other related events
  • To facilitate personal development of members in a supporting environment

Club Members

258 magdalena jablonska


Magdalena Jabłońska

Ph.D. Candidate / Teaching Assistant

Club Supervisor

258 Natalia Michałowska


Natalia Michałowska

Club's President, Coordinator of the Research Section, 4th year student of Business Psychology Program

258 Gabriela Czepczor


Gabriela Czepczor

Club's Vice-President, Coordinator of the Event Section, 3rd year student of the Business Psychology Program

258 weronika kiełsa


Weronika Kiełsa

Club's Vice-President,
1st year student of the graduate Business Psychology Program

258 Aleksandra Michalska


Aleksandra Michalska

Coordinator of the Social Media Section
4th year student of the Psychology of Designing Human-Technology Interactions Program

258 Adrianna Wójcik


Adrianna Wójcik

Coordinator of the HR Section,
3rd year student of the Business Psychology Program

258 Weronika Fryszkiewicz


Weronika Fryszkiewicz

Coordinator of the Trainers' Section, 5th year student of the Business Psychology Program

logo kn psycholog w biznesie

Club's Logo

Our logo depicts an object that symbolizes one of the foundations of our world ‒ a coin. It reminds us about the chief objective of any business: profit. With this vision, every day, we eagerly acquire new knowledge and skills, while being conscious of the value they bring.

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Psychologist in Business Research Club
e-mail: psychologwbiznesie@swps.edu.pl


SWPS University
Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warsaw, Poland