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BIO Ewelilna Smoktunowicz


Ewelina Smoktunowicz

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Psychology
Head of the StresLab: Center for Research on Stress
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Social Psychology


Psychologist. She specializes in developing online psychological interventions, mainly focused on wellness in organizations, and in testing their efficacy.

Her research focuses on psychological resources, such as social support and belief in one’s own agency, and the role they play in coping with professional and home stress, as well as dealing with pressure of expectations related to fulfilling many life roles.

She is interested in research methodology that provides grounds for evidence based decision making in improving healthcare systems.

Ewelina is the Head of StresLab: Center for Research on Stress and leads various related projects, including MED-STRES and Med-Stres SOS (in Polish), aimed at helping medical professionals to cope with work-related stress.