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Hanna Bednarek

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Psychology
Dean of the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Cognitive, Development and Education Psychology


Professor Bednarek is a cognitive psychologist, specializing in perception, attention, working memory, as well as spatial orientation and disorientation in pilots. Her main research interests focus on aviation psychology and public relations. She researches the efficacy of cognitive training, the role of optical illusion in advertising, architecture, fashion, sport, aviation as well as the role of communication channels (visual and acoustic) in effective communication. She is also interested in media relations, cognitive processes in advertising, and aviation safety.

Professor Bednarek collaborates with the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine in Warsaw. She is a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology. She was a co-founder and, for five years, a Program Director of one of the first commercial radio stations in Poland. She authored numerous publications, including the following books: “Czy piloci ulegają złudzeniom percepcyjnym? Poznawcze uwarunkowania dezorientacji przestrzennej” (Do Pilots Experience Optical Illusions? Cognitive Determinants of Spatial Disorientation) (2011), and “Sztuka budowania wizerunku w mediach. Podręcznik menedżera, polityka i trenera public relations” (The Art of Image Building in the Media. A Handbook for Managers, Politicians, and PR Coaches) (2005).

At SWPS University, Professor Bednarek teaches classes in cognitive processes, and leads a seminar on the psychology of cognitive processes. She is also a doctoral thesis advisor, who over the years, has advised more than 130 graduate students.

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