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Jakub Traczyk

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Psychology
Head of the Center for Research on Improving Decision Making
Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław
Department of Economic Psychology


Psychologist. He investigates the role of emotions and numerical abilities in risk perception and decision making.

He is the Head of the Center for Research on Improving Decision Making (CRIDM) which focuses on basic and applied research developing novel methods supporting accurate risk assessment and making better decisions under risk and uncertainty.

He was a Principal Investigator in several research projects funded by the National Science Centre, including “The psychological decomposition of the probability weighting function in the Cumulative Prospect Theory: A role of basic affective processes in probability assessment” and “The role of numeracy in the risky decision making process: Psychological and neural mechanisms.”.

He authored numerous articles published in Cognition, Judgment and Decision Making, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Intelligence, etc. He is also a co-editor of a book "Psychological Perspectives on Financial Decision Making" (2020).

At SWPS University he teaches methodology of experimental research, advanced statistics as well as psychological mechanisms underpinning decision making.