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BIO Jaroslaw Michalowski


Jarosław Michałowski

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Psychology
Head of the Poznań Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience
Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań


Psychologist. He researches neural correlates of emotional experience as well as emotions and cognitive processes. He also studies neural mechanisms conducive to the development, persistence and therapy of psychological disorders, such as anxiety, personality disorders and procrastination. Additionally, he analyzes neural mechanisms and effectiveness of psychotherapy.

He is a certified therapist, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) supervisor, and schema therapy specialist. He works with patients suffering from neurosis, anxiety disorders, depression and difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships.

Principal Investigator and researcher in various research projects on various topics, for example: neural correlates of procrastination neural correlates of emotional contagion, and the impact of fear on alertness and selective attention. Author and co-author of numerous publications on clinical psychophysiology and psychotherapy of affective and anxiety disorders, published in international journals, such as Personality and Individual Differences, International Journal of Psychophysiology, and Social cognitive and affective neuroscience.