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Joanna Hryniewska

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Department of Asian Studies


Joanna Hryniewska is a sinologist and Turkish studies scholar. She specializes in linguistics of oriental languages, in particular in onomastics. Her research interests include onomastics, phonetics, phonology, cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics, and methodology of teaching foreign languages.

She has written numerous scientific publications, including a monograph Substytucje nazwisk Polaków w języku chińskim (Adaptation of Polish Surnames in Chinese language) (ELIPSA, 2017), and “Adaptation of Foreign Proper Names in the Chinese Language Illustrated by Polish Surnames”, [in:] China Past and Present, ed. Marcin Jacoby. "New Polish Papers in Chinese Studies" (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 2010).

Joanna is also a literary translator. Some of the books translated by Joanna include: Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother, by Xinran (Świat Książki, 2012) Chinese Whispers: Searching for Forgiveness in Beijing, by Jan Wong (Świat Książki, 2013).

At SWPS University, she teaches oriental linguistics and contemporary Chinese language (Mandarin).

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