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BIO joanna-roszak


Joanna Roszak

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Social Psychology


Social psychologist.

Her research interests focus on social identity, including social consequences of functioning within a framework of personal or social identity, such as tendency to stereotype or prejudice towards persons from other than one’s own social groups. She is also interested in socio-cultural gender issues, for example aspects of changing social roles taken on by both genders and the correlation of these changes with the current family models (including non-traditional family models). Much of her work concentrates on perception and assessment of individuals, who due to their life choices, professions or personal image do not conform to the socially imposed models of being male or female, as well as the consequences of being an atypical representative of one’s gender.

From 2013 to 2019, Joanna held positions of the Deputy Head and Head of the Psychology in English undergraduate and graduate programs. Recently, she has been responsible for the graduate Applied Psychology program.

At SWPS University, she teaches social psychology, applied social psychology, and leadership. She is also a thesis advisor.

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