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Joanna Stojer-Polańska

Ph.D. / Collaborator


Faculty of Psychology in Katowice


Dr. Stojer-Polańska is a criminologist. She researches the dark figure of crime – unreported crimes that are not included in police statistics. She analyzes cases of suspicious deaths, such as murders, suicides, and accidents.

She is a recipient of the eNgage research grant from the Foundation for Polish Science for a research project entitled „Kryminalistyka, czyli rzecz o szukaniu śladów oraz zwierzętach na służbie” (Criminalistics: story about tracing evidence and animals employed by the Police). She co-authored an interdisciplinary publication Samobójstwa. Stare problemy. Nowe rozwiązania (Suicides: Old Problems, New Solutions) (2013).

At SWPS University in Katowice she teaches classes in criminalistics, criminology and its aspects such as the dark figure of crime.