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BIO Karolina Dyduch Hazar


Karolina Dyduch-Hazar

Doctoral student at SWPS University's Interdisciplinary Doctoral School


Psychologist, specializing in psychology of intergroup relationships and researches mechanisms of revenge behaviors. She studies how expectations of satisfaction achived from retribution motivate people to take revenge on others and how revenge influences intergroup relationships. She has developed an assessment tool for measuring the level of expectations related to achieving satisfaction from taking a revenge on others.

Karolina is a member of PrejudiceLab, an interdisciplinary research team.

She was a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Social Psychology, at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. She also received a Fulbright Junior Research Award 2020-2021, which will allow her to continue her research on group narcissism in the United States, for a few months.

Author of articles on group narcissism published on the Frontiers in Psychology portal and in scientific journals, such as Political Psychology and Polish Psychological Bulletin.

At SWPS University, she co-teaches classes in psychology of intergroup conflict.

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