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Since its inception in 2010, the Katowice Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities has quickly become an important center for studies in Psychology in the Silesia region of Poland. It offers practical programs of study in Psychology, Psychology of Eating Disorders, and Criminal Psychology. The Faculty provides excellent opportunities for academic development, including post-graduate studies.




Jolanta Zycinska

Associate Professor

Jolanta Życińska


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Assistant Professor

Małgorzata Wójcik

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

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Joanna Kabzińska

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

 Assisstant Professor

Danuta Rode

Coordinator of the Forensic Psychology Specialization

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Assistant Professor 

Damian Grabowski

Coordinator of the Business and Organizational Psychology Specialization


Maciej Januszek

Coordinator of the Psychology Program

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Anna Hełka

Coordinator of the Business and Organizational Psychology Specialization

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Karolina Zalewska-Wójcik

Coordinator of the Adult Clinical Psychology Specialization

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Tomasz Olejko

Dean's Representative for the Language Center


The Faculty of Psychology in Katowice offers Psychology programs developed according to the latest research and methodology. Students have a choice of unique study paths and specializations, such as Clinical Psychology, Psychology in Business and Organizations, Coaching, and Forensic Psychology. Clinical Psychology studies provide knowledge on methods applied in therapy of psychological disorders. Psychology in Business and Organizations studies prepare students for careers in business organizations, public administration and non-governmental sector. Students learn about psychological mechanisms of coaching, marketing, and PR and how to contribute to local communities.

In 2014, the Faculty launched an interdisciplinary program in Criminal Psychology, which encompasses knowledge and skills from five areas, including psychology, criminalistics, law, sociology and pedagogy. In 2016, the Faculty inaugurated another interdisciplinary program: Psychology of Nutrition and Eating Disorders - Coach of Healthy Lifestyle. The program includes studies in psychology, health studies and physical fitness. The program is an answer to the growing need for specialists, who can provide support to a rapidly increasing number of people suffering from eating disorders and poor nutrition, conditions that are caused not only by biological but also socio-psychological factors.


One of the Best Psychology Programs in Poland

The Psychology Program offered by SWPS University in Katowice ranks among the top three programs of its kind in Poland, together with the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. More information »

First Psychology Undergraduate Program in Silesia

SWPS University in Katowice is the first and only higher education institution in Silesia offering undergraduate studies in Psychology. The program received a positive opinion from the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), the statutory body responsible for the assessment of quality of education provided by higher education institutions in Poland. The PKA positively assessed the unique educational program, high qualifications of the academic staff as well as the venue and its facilities.

Best Specialists

The academics at the Faculty of Psychology in Katowice combine research and practical experience acquired in their respective fields. Members of the faculty include: Professor Augustyn Bańka, who studies the impact of the environment on humans; Professor Ryszard Stocki, specialist in business psychology, Agata Chudzicka-Czupała, Ph.D., specialist in the filed of work, organizational and social psychology; Damian Grabowski, Ph.D., expert in work and organizational psychology; Anna Hełka, Ph.D., business psychologist; Bogdan Lach, Ph.D., investigative psychology specialist and  profiler; and Beata Kozak, Ph.D., personal coach working with international corporations.

Clinical Psychology Program

The Faculty of Psychology in Katowice at SWPS University is the only center in the Silesia region authorized to grant post-graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology, in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Health of 30 September 2002 on obtaining the title of specialist in the fields applicable in healthcare.


Science and Research

Since its inception, the Faculty of Psychology in Katowice has been combining innovative teaching with excellent research, often focused on matters important to the inhabitants of Silesia. These social responsibility initiatives have been recognized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Associate Professor Katarzyna Popiołek, Ph.D., Dean of Faculty of Psychology in Katowice, has been named one of the most influential women of Silesia and received a Platinum Award Pro Publico Bono for her contributions to the local community.

Supporting Local Community

The researchers from SWPS University analyzed the problem of mandatory relocation imposed on some inhabitants of the Bytom-Karb district in Katowice. They also received financing from the National  Centre for Research and Development for the Educational Intervention Project called Bliżej [Closer], which aimed to eradicate peer discrimination among teenagers in middle schools.

Another research project, INKLA, was focused on showing high school and university students research in the field of Social Sciences can have a tangible impact on neighbourhood communities and societies at large. The project has been awarded a grant by the Foundation for Polish Science. List of projects »

Laboratory for Qualitative Research

QualLab is a professional laboratory offering focus rooms with one-way mirrors and research stations equipped with computer applications for qualitative analysis. The lab is used by researchers conducting projects in the fields of social, economic, health and clinical psychology. The lab provides excellent environment for observation, individual and group interviews, and for diagnostic research. More information »


Office of Student Affairs 

SWPS University, Faculty of Psychology in Katowice
Techników 9, 40-326 Katowice, room 011

Office Hours

  • Sunday and Tuesday: closed
  • Monday: 8.30-13.00
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  • Saturday (part-time study weekends only): 9.00-16.00

Dean's Office

SWPS University, Faculty of Psychology in Katowice
Techników 9, 40-326 Katowice, room 008

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00-16.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed