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BIO Konrad Piotrowski


Konrad Piotrowski

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Vice-Director of the Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań
Department of General Psychology


Psychologist, specializing in developmental psychology, in particular psychology of the adolescence and early adulthood. His research interests include personality development or the process of finding the answer to one of the most important questions one can ask oneself: Who am I?

For the past few years, he has been researching how disability and the type of school one attends impact the development of personality. Currently, he is researching what determines individual’s strong identification with the role of a parent. He also studies the phenomenon of perfectionism and how it impacts formation of one’s identity.

He is a member of the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologii Rozwoju Człowieka (Polish Association for Psychology of Human Development) and the European Association for Developmental Psychology. Author of numerous articles on psychology of human development, especially on adolescence and adulthood, published in Polish and international professional journals.

He mentors aspiring researchers at SWPS University. He is also Head of the Child Psychology specialization that trains future psychologists in providing psychological support to children and teenagers.

At SWPS University in Poznań, he teaches introduction to psychology, lifespan development psychology, and psychology of perfectionism and attachment in childhood.

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