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BIO Lukasz Tanas


Łukasz Tanaś

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Cognitive Psychology, Development and Education


Psychologist. He specializes in developmental psychology, mainly moral development and organizational and work psychology. He is also interested in psychobiological child development (biological, emotional, and social), especially in pre-schoolers. In his research, he favors time perspective approach, counted not in milliseconds, but in years (developmental psychology) or thousands of years (evolution).

He also specializes in employee recruitment and management selection. He participated in corporate restructuring projects in companies, such as PZU S.A., a publicly traded insurance company, and TP S.A., a former national telecommunication company, where he was responsible for the assessment of managerial competencies.

He is a member of the European Association of Developmental Psychology and the Association for Psychological Science.

At SWPS University, he teaches developmental psychology, psychology of individual differences, research methodology, and statistics.

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