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BIO Magdalena Krol


Magdalena Król

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Psychology
Head of the Psychology Research Lab
Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław
Head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology and Individual Differences



She conducts experimental research, often with the use of an eye-tracker, in the field of cognitive and developmental psychology. In particular, she focuses on the way people select and process information from the environment and how they make decisions based on this information. Additionally, she researches whether people with atypical cognitive capabilities, such as people on the autism spectrum, process information differently.

Recipient of several research grants from the Foundation for Polish Science and the National Science Centre.

Author of numerous publications in academic journals, including: Cognitive Science, Neuropsychologia, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition

At SWPS University in Wrocław, she teaches developmental psychology.