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BIO Marcin Jacoby


Marcin Jacoby

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Humanities
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Asian Studies


Professor Marcin Jacoby is a sinologist and translator. His area of expertise includes social and political issues of the East Asia region, in particular China and the Republic of Korea. He is interested in the historical and cultural roots of transformational processes of this region of the world. His research interests include Chinese classical literature and culture of ancient China. He is fluent in contemporary and classical Chinese and translates Chinese literature into Polish.

From 2008 to 2017, he was manager of “Project Asia” at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which involved promotion of Polish culture in China, Japan, India, and the Republic of Korea. In the same period, he was also Assistant Professor at the Department of Sinology of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw. Prior to his academic career, he worked at the Oriental Art Department of the National Museum in Warsaw (2002-2008).

He is also an experienced English and Chinese interpreter.

Author of highly regarded popular science publications on East Asia, including: Chiny bez makijażu [China Without Make Up] (2016) and Korea Południowa. Republika żywiołów [South Korea. A Republic of Elements] (2018). Co-author of a handbook for teaching Chinese, entitled Współczesny język chiński. Mówię i piszę po chińsku [Contemporary Chinese. I Speak and Write Chinese] (2008). His latest academic monograph is entitled Sztuka perswazji w starożytnych Chinach. Opowiastka alegoryczna w okresie Walczących Państw (453-221 r. p.n.e.) [The Art of Persuasion in Ancient China. Allegorical Narrative of the Warring States Period (453-221 B.C.E.)] (2018).

At SWPS University, he teaches literature, art and cultural diplomacy of China and East Asia.