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BIO Mariusz Zieba

Assistant Professor

Mariusz Zięba

Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Poznań
Head of the Department of General Psychology
Head of the Trauma and Crisis Research Center


Psychologist. His research interests focus on positive and narrative psychology. He studies psychological determinants of coping with significant life changes and critical life events. He is also interested in posttraumatic growth and factors that allow people make positive changes in life after experiencing trauma.

His other research interests include impact of auto-narration on one’s understanding of purpose and meaning of life, and the role of basic trust and hope in coping with challenges.

He is the Principal Investigator of a 7-year research project "Reconstruction of Meaning and Posttraumatic Growth in the Aftermath of Trauma: Prospective Studies".

At SWPS University in Poznań, he teaches personality psychology, psychology of developmental and existential crisises, as well as psychometrics and psychological diagnosis.

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