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Marta Witkowska

Ph.D. / Lecturer


Center for Research on Social Relations


Marta Witkowska is a social psychologist specializing in language of agency and meta-perception of discrimination. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from the Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw. Her research there comprised areas of political psychology and intergroup relations, and it showed the impact of social perception related to moral judgements on inter-group attitudes and behaviors in post-conflict areas.

Currently, at the Center for Research on Social Relations affiliated with the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw, she researchers the language of agency, and in particular, public perception of means of expression that are associated with agency and their impact on society. She is also interested in meta-perception of discrimination.

At SWPS University she runs a workshop on “The effects of authority and subordination in different areas of socio-political life”.

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