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Michał Boni

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Faculty of Design in Warsaw
Department of New Technologies in Social Applications


Dr. Boni is a media, political science, and culture expert. His research interests include social impact of new technologies, cybersecurity, in particular digitalization, intellectual property, and data protection.

He is Researcher Associate at the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, in Brussels and was the first Minister for Administration and Digitalization (2011-2013) in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Boni has written numerous articles and books, including Artificial Intelligence and Governance Going Beyond Ethics (Martens Centre).

At SWPS University, Dr. Boni teaches classes on the impact of new technologies on the contemporary world (Cultural Studies), application of digital transformation in the development of new business models (Management), the role of artificial intelligence in new health models, and city management (Psychology and Computer Science). He also holds interdisciplinary seminars on social impact of new technologies (e.g. platform management and data management). Additionally, he collaborated with the HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovations, led by Dr. Konrad Maj.