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BIO Michał Olszanowski


Michał Olszanowski

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology, Development and Education



He researchers the phenomenon of mimicry, including emotional mimicry, and its role in interpersonal communication and social judgments. He is interested in what kind of information people are searching for when they are looking at faces of others and how true the judgements they form, based on this information, are. He also studies false memories and the influence of emotions on memory.

He is Principal Investigator in a research project “Emotional mimicry in social context. The role of facial feedback and negative emotions in social judgments and interaction”, financed by the National Science Centre.

Author of articles published in Polish and international scientific journals, such as the Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

At SWPS University, he teaches cognitive psychology, psychology of emotions and perception of facial expressions.

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