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BIO Michał Parzuchowski


Michał Parzuchowski

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Psychology
Head of the Center of Research on Cognition and Behavior
Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
Department of Social Psychology


Psychologist. Specializing in social cognition. In his research, he focuses on the embodied cognition. He researches the influence of embodiment on social attitudes and behaviors. He is also interested in social cognition, psycholinguistics and morality.

He is a founder of an online service www.badania.net that publishes summaries of current research findings in psychology, biology, chemistry and technology. He is also a proponent of the use of online tools in psychological research.

At SWPS University in Sopot, he teaches critical thinking, team work, social psychology, social motivation, and statistics for researchers. He is also a thesis advisor for graduate students. Additionally, he leads weekly meetings of the Center of Research on Cognition and Behavior.