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BIO Mikołaj Czesnik


Mikołaj Cześnik

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Director of the Institute of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences in Warsaw
Department of Social Studies


Sociologist and political scientist. His research interests include public opinion and political choices of citizens. He specializes in the analysis of political systems, especially democracy, and frequently comments on political issues in the mass media. Member of Polskie Generalne Studium Wyborcze [Polish General Election Study], a pioneer Polish initiative, which aims to systematically and scientifically record and analyze the process and the results of parliamentary elections, in Poland.

Co-author of Demokracja - gospodarka - polityka. Perspektywa polskiego wyborcy. [Democracy – economy – politics. The Perspective of a Polish voter] and author of numerous publications in academic journals. Principal Investigator of Wiedza polityczna w Polsce [Political Knowledge in Poland] research project.

At SWPS University, he teaches political science with the focus on research in the area of politics and democracy.