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Mirosław Filiciak  

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Director of the Institute of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Cultural and Media Studies


Professor Filiciak is a media expert interested in the relationship between new media and cultural participation. His research interests include the Internet, computer games, transformation of television, contemporary culture, and informal distribution of information.

He collaborates with numerous public cultural institutions, businesses and NGOs. He is also the co-creator of Kultura 2.0 [Culture 2.0], a project devoted to cultural transformations in the digital era as well as Medialab, the first Polish initiative combining social activism, art and technology. He was the principal investigator on numerous research projects, including “Młodzi i media” [Youth and Media], “Tajni kulturalni” [Secret Agents of Culture], and “Obiegi kultury” [The Circuits of Culture].

Professor Filiciak has written several books, such as Wirtualny plac zabaw. Gry sieciowe i przemiany kultury współczesnej [Virtual Playground. Online Gaming and Transformation of Contemporary Culutre] (2006), and Media, wersja beta [Media. The Beta Version] (2014). Together with Alek Tarkowski, he co-authored Dwa zero. Alfabet nowej kultury i inne teksty [Two Zero. The Alphabet of New Culture and Other Texts] (2015). He is also Deputy Editor of Kultura Popularna [Popular Culture], a peer-reviewed academic quarterly journal.

At SWPS University, he teaches classes in new media, pop culture, and audiovisual culture.