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Monika Kornacka

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Vice-Director of the Institute of Psychology
Head of the Emotion Cognition Lab

Faculty of Psychology in Katowice
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology


Psychologist. Her research interests focus on emotional regulation in mood disorders, transdiagnostic processes (especially repetitive negative thoughts and divagation of thought), and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She is also interested in executive function training and the application of new technologies in clinical psychology and in research on psychopathology.

She is Head of the Emotion Cognition Lab (ECL) where she uses the latest methods and technical solutions, such as mobile applications, eyetracking, and virtual and extended reality, to measure psychological processes, and it tests how new technologies may be applied to psychological interventions. These goals influence the interdisciplinary character of ECL, which gathers scientists who represent various disciplines, such as psychologists, information technology specialists, engineers, and user experience experts, who specialize in participatory design.

In her research projects, funded by the National Science Centre and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), she examines what factors may lead to an increased risk of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, due to repetitive negative thoughts or maladaptive daydreaming, and how to address these processes to increase the effectiveness of therapies.

At SWPS University she teaches classes in clinical psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and methodology. She is also a thesis advisor.