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BIO Olga Bialobrzeska


Olga Białobrzeska

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Social Psychology


Social psychologist. She is interested in the role of communion in people’s lives, its significance for self-image, social beliefs and social relations. Currently, she studies determinants and consequences of everyday kindness.

In her doctoral thesis she examined the significance of communion for self-esteem. When she was a research fellow at the Center for Research on Self and Identity at the University of Southampton in Great Britain, she studied the communal nature of nostalgia.

She is a member of the Center for Research on Social Relations at the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw. She also collaborates with the Center of Research on Cognition and Behavior at the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot. 

She is a member of the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS) and the European Association of Social Psychology.

She published many scientific and popular science articles and she often speaks at national and international conferences.

She actively contributes to the development of the psychology program at SWPS University and works on the best practices for academic teachers.

At SWPS University, she teaches social psychology, psychology of social cognition, psychology of attitudes, and group psychology. She is also a thesis advisor.

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