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Olga Czeranowska



Institute of Social Sciences


Sociologist. Her research interests focus on migration and mobility studies, gender studies, and quantitative research methodology. In her doctoral thesis, defended in 2018 at  the University of Warsaw, she examined individual perspective on occupational prestige.

Since April 2020, she has been working on the “CEEYouth: The comparative study of Poles and Lithuanians in the context of Brexit” research project, conducted by the Youth Research Center at SWPS University.

She is also Principal Investigator on a research project “(IT)MOBILITY: Immobility of mobile individuals and mobility of immobile persons – migrants in the time of pandemic and new ICT technologies”, funded by the Regional Excellence Initiative (RID), organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW).

She is a member of the Polish Sociological Association, the Sociology of Work Section.

She co-authored an article on “Janus-faced mobilities: motivations for migration among European youth in times of crisis”, published in the Journal of Youth Studies.

At SWPS University she teaches courses on career and lifelong learning and statistics for management.

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