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BIO Paulina Pustulka


Paulina Pustułka

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Social Sciences
Head of the Youth Research Center


Sociologist. She conducts interdisciplinary research on youth and generations, in particular related to transitions. Apart from her interest in family and gender studies, for over a decade, she has been examining various aspects of international migration. Her methodological specialization includes Qualitative Longitudinal Research (QLR), mixed-methods, and social research ethics.

In 2015, she received her doctorate from Bangor University in North Wales. She also holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Jagiellonian University, where she was a Researcher for several research projects, including: “TRANSFAM” focused on Polish migrant families in Norway, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), “GENERA” on gender barriers experienced by female physicists (H2020), and “TRACKS” on the prevention of unequal access to pre-school care (Erasmus+). 

At SWPS University, she is a Principal Investigator for “GEMTRA Transition to Motherhood Across Three Generations of Polish Women - An Intergenerational Longitudinal Study” (2018-2021), financed by the National Science Centre (NCN), under the SONATA funding scheme for early career researchers. She also participated in the following research projects: “Peer Groups and Migration” on school-to-work transitions (NCN 2016-2018), “CeeYouth” on risks faced by young Polish and Lithuanian migrants in Great Britain post-Brexit, and in a series of projects on parenthood (Focus on 100th Anniversary of Women’s Rights, EduPRo, Mother 360). Recently she has been a visiting researcher at the University of Leeds, University of College London, OsloMet, Sapir College, and Karlstad University.

She is a member of the Polish Sociological Association (PTS) and the European Sociological Association (ESA).

She published numerous articles, including “Ethnic, gender and class identities of Polish migrant mothers: intersecting maternal narratives with transnationalism and integration” (Social Identities, 2016), “Mobilizing for reproductive (in)justice in Poland” (International Journal of Feminist Politics, 2018, with A.Król), “Questionable Insiders: Changing Positionalities of Interviewers throughout Stages of Migration Research” (Field Methods 2019, with J.Bell & A.Trąbka), “Bees & Butterflies: Polish Migrants’ Social Anchoring, Mobility and Risks post-Brexit” (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2020, with A.Trąbka).