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BIO Paulina Grzęda


Paulina Grzęda

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Department of English Studies


Dr. Paulina Grzęda is a cultural studies researcher, translator and philologist.

Her research interests include alternative perceptions of time in postcolonial cultures (with a special focus on Africa), historiography, cultural perceptions of otherness, representations of trauma in film and literature, as well as links between literature and psychotherapy. Her doctoral dissertation investigated multifarious ways in which South African writers have undertaken the task of critically renegotiating the country’s violent history.

She has carried out research as a recipient of grants and scholarship programs from the University of Cambridge, or the University of London's School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS).

Her publications focus on alternative perceptions of time, postcolonial theory, British Asian cinema, South African literature, and social studies.

She also has extensive experience of working in the culture sector, in the capacity of a deputy director of film festivals.

She is currently pursuing a postgraduate professional certification in coaching and mentoring.

At SWPS University she teaches classes about trauma in film and literature, postcolonial literature, and history of postcolonialism. She also teaches translation and practical English.