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BIO pawel boski


Paweł Boski



Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Personality Psychology


Precursor of cross-cultural psychology in Poland, from 1994 working in Institute of Psychology at Polish Academy of Sciences, and from 1997 at SWPS University. At SWPS University he is Head of Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology. It is the first department of this kind in Poland. He used to work in Africa (Nigeria), North America and in Europe. His research interests include the process of acculturation of people migrating to new destinations, multiculturalism and comparative research on the issues as: values, cultural identity, cultural relations, tolerance and cultural diversity. He is the author of many publications in Polish and English.

He is a member of International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP). In 2007-2013 he used to be the deputy editor of Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, consulting editor of International Journal of Intercultural Relations. In 2000 he was the organizer of XV IACCP Congress in Pułtusk, in 2017 he was the organizer of IX European IACCP Congress at SWPS University. He is the author of the award-winning textbook Kulturowe ramy zachowań społecznych [Cultural frameworks of social behavior (2010)] and book Podróże psychologiczne przez kultury świata [Psychological journeys through world cultures] – a collection of his trip afterthoughts. His reflections are presented in the context of cross-cultural psychology and anthropology. He presents there his stay, research outcomes and scientific work in Africa.

At SWPS University, he lectures on cross-cultural psychology and its application. His lectures, unique in Poland, are in Polish and English, since there are more and more international students. He is the creator of the unique adaptation and acculturation program for international students.

He is a thesis advisor for more than 200 master students and for 8 Ph.D. students.