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The Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań offers study programs in Psychology and Law. The faculty emphesises innovative teaching methods, based on current education research and on feedback from employers. As the result, the programs are focused on practical skills and are recognized for the quality of education.






Associate Professor

Jarosław Michałowski



258 anna ziolkowska

Assistant Professor

Anna Ziółkowska

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Psychology Program

Tomasz Lewandowski

Assistant Professor

Tomasz Lewandowski

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Law Program



The Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań provides excellent environment for students to develop their skills and to pursue their interests. Students of Law work closely with personal tutors, who guide them to choose appropriate study paths. Students of Psychology conduct field studies in a professional laboratory. Moreover, students also have an opportunity to collaborate on innovative projects with various institutions, clinics, law firms and companies.      

Innovative Psychology Program

The Psychology Program offers several innovative specilizations, including clinical psychology, health psychology, marketing and advertising, as well as personal and professional development. Thanks to the variety of study paths, students may align their curriculum with individual interests and career plans.

Law Studies with Practical Focus

Law Studies at the SWPS University in Poznań are focused on the practical aspect of the profession and include analysis of real life cases, mock legal trials, legal argumentation classes, and negotiation and mediation workshops. Graduates of the program may build careers as lawyers, counselors, notaries, court enforcement officers, and judges. They are also well prepared to undertake employment in business, public administration or diplomacy.

Best specialists

The Psychology lecturers include: Professor John Nezlek, social psychology expert from the United States; Professor Anna Zalewska, specialist in quality of life psychology; Professor Teresa Rzepa, social and health psychology expert; and Professor Szymon Draheim, who conducts research in the field of personality psychology and psychology of emotions. 

Students of Law have an opportunity to learn from legal experts, including: Professor Feliks Zedler, specialist in civil law; Professor Teresa Gardocka, procedural criminal law expert; and Professor Andrzej Koch, commercial law specialist.


Science and Research

In 2015, the researchers from the Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań received substantial grants from the National Science Center and conducted research projects in the field of Psychology worth close to 3M PLN.

Grants from National Science Center

The researchers from the Faculty have been recognized in several competitions organized by the National Science Center and received grants for their science projects worth close to 3M PLN. For example, a team of psychologists, lead by Professor Anna Zalewska, examines the influence of personality traits on wellbeing and on engagement in positive behaviors while a team lead by Mariusz Zięba researches the correlation between traumatic life events and personal growth.

Other Research Projects

The researchers at the Psychology department have conducted studies in the following areas: emotion of disgust in selected phobias, the correlation between expectations and wellbeing, and psychosocial risk factors in medical profession.

The researches at the Law department have studied the legal rights of media in the Internet age, examined standards and redundancy in selected acts and regulations, and researched legal aspects of dynamic interpretation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Trauma and Crisis Research Centre

Researchers at the Trauma and Crisis Research Center develop and verify effective psychotherapy techniques and psychological support for people who have experienced traumatic events such as disasters, tragic accidents, terminal or serious illness or a loss of a loved one. More information »


Psychology Lab

The Psychology Lab at SWPS University in Poznań is equipped with the latest equipment used in psychophysiological studies, such as psychogalvanometer and eye-tracker as well as professional computer applications including E-Prime, Inquisit, Atlas.ti, and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). These tools help the researchers to design and conduct scientific experiments, to analyze initial statistical data and to measure reaction times to the presented visual and auditory stimuli. More information »



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