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BIO Przemyslaw Staron


Przemysław Staroń

M.A. / Lecturer


Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
Department of Developmental Psychology


Psychologist and culture expert.

Professionally, he successfully applies his two fields of expertise at the Bolesław Chrobry High School No. 2 in Sopot, where he teaches ethics and culture, the Department of Developmental Psychology at SWPS University in Sopot, the University of the Third Age in Sopot, and Centrum Rozwoju JUMP (JUMP Center for development).

Przemysław specializes in working with teenagers, adults and senior citizens. He coordinates and co-develops intergenerational projects as well as projects supporting development of youth, unemployed, disabled and inmates. He also provides creativity training sessions and consultations for business.

As psychologist and blogger, he writes for Psychologia w szkole (Psychology at School), a professional publication for teachers, and appears in regional and national media. As psychologist and educator, he advises on book development for the PWN, the publishers of school handbooks.

He is a member of the Polish Association of Business Trainers (PTTB) and the Polish Association For Therapy Through Arts (PSTS).

Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Grant and scholarships awarded by the Marshal of the Lublin Province, and the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

He teaches developmental psychology and conducts workshops on working with teenagers and seniors, at SWPS University in Sopot. He also teaches psychology, philosophy and religious studies at the Psychological University of the Third Age.

In 2018, he won the national Teacher of the Year Award.

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