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What learning techniques can you use to read and memorize information quickly? How can you develop your creativity and innovative thinking? In his lecture at SWPS UniversityTony Buzan the inventor of Mind Mapping talks about methods of effective learning.

Mind Mapping is a specific type of note taking, which increases the effectiveness of learning and memorizing by activating both hemispheres of the brain.

The inventors of the Map Mapping method claim that traditional note taking stimulates only the left part of the brain, responsible for analysis, logical and linear thinking, words and numbers. However, using colors, drawings and a 3D effect, instead of just words and numbers, activates the right hemisphere, which is responsible for imagination, rhythm, color, spatial cognition, and the overall picture. Instead of traditional notes, the Mind Mapping method advocates using connotation maps, drawings, slogans, colors and letters of different size and font. As the result, Mind Mapping takes advantage of the synergy between the two hemispheres and increases the effectiveness of learning.

The Mind Mapping method has gain popularity in business and education.



Tony Buzan – inventor of Mind Mapping, Radiant Thinking, and Mental Literacy. Founder of the Brain Trust Charity, Use Your Head/Brain Clubs. Chair of the Mind Sports Council. Author of over 80 books, including the bestselling Use Your Head. Former editor of the “International Journal of Mensa”, international magazine for people with high IQ. Consultant for numerous government agencies and international corporations, including General Motors, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and the Walt Disney Company.