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An everyday hero is a person who is ready to help others in need and who defends moral principles regardless of the potential cost or danger. Why is it difficult to face challenging situations? How can we strengthen the habit of making courageous decisions in tough circumstances? Professor Philip Zimbardo, world-renowned psychologist, holder of an honorary doctorate from SWPS University, talks about everyday heroism and shows that anyone can be a hero.



Professor Philip Zimbardo - acclaimed social psychologist, Emeritus Professor at Stanford University, holder of an honorary doctorate from SWPS University. His most notable study was the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, which demonstrated how the power of social situations can distort personal identities, long cherished values and morality. His research interests include social psychology, psychology of time and social and personal dynamics of shyness. He also researches psychology of madness, evil, persuasion, dissonance, hypnosis and psychology of everyday heroism. Author of numerous publications, including Psychology and Life and The Lucifer Effect: Understanding how good people turn evil. Former Chair of the American Psychological Association (2002).